Ear Bands

Noisy workplaces present hazards for workers. If ears are not properly protected, hearing can be damaged. Ear Bands provide protection for employees in loud work environments. Browse our wide range of products below and find the ear band that is right for you.

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up to 30 Db(1)
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3M - E-A-R™(1)
Honeywell - Howard Leight®(2)
Light Grey(1)

Earbands are easy to clean and maintain. Just wash them with mild soap and warm water, avoiding harsh chemicals and abrasive brushes. To ensure and prolong the effectiveness of your ear band, inspect it regularly for damage or dirt.

Employing these user-friendly hearing protectors does not require consulting a specialist or going through a product manual for technical assistance. Just tuck the ear pods into your ears and place the handle under your jaw to prevent it from rubbing against your clothes.

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