Electricians’ Gloves

Working with electricity is extremely hazardous, which is why having proper protective tools is essential. Keep your employees safe by making sure they use Electricians’ Gloves every time they maintain or repair electrical equipment. Electrical gloves can withstand up to 1,000 volts, ensuring protection against shock.

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To find your perfect pair of electrical safety gloves, figure out first the maximum voltage you have to deal with. This will tell you the type of electrician safety gloves you need.

Electricians safety gloves are divided into five classifications:
Class 00 – maximum working voltage of 500 volts
Class 0 – maximum working voltage of 1,000 volts
Class 1 – maximum working voltage of 7,500 volts
Class 2 – maximum working voltage of 17,00 volts
Class 3 – maximum working voltage of 26,500 volts

When doing electrical work, always avoid contact with petroleum, grease, oil, acid, corrosive chemicals, and water.
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