Chemical Resistant Gloves

Handle chemicals with safety and precision, thanks to chemical-resistant work gloves.

Seton markets top-of-the-line Chemical Resistant Gloves that can protect against a wide range of chemicals. These chemical-resistant gloves come in different sizes and colours to meet your specific needs, but all of them are comfortable enough to be worn for long periods.

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Manufacturing safety gloves is legislatively standardized mainly by EN 388, which deals with mechanical resistance. EN 388’s guidelines consist of four separate numbers, each showing how resistant the gloves are to an array of hazards. The higher the number is, the more protective the gloves are.

-First number: signifies resistance to abrasion (from 0 to 4)
-Second number: shows resistance to blade cuts (from 0 to 5)
-Third number: indicates resistance to tears (from 0 to 4)
-Fourth number: marks resistance to punctures (from 0 to 5)

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