Safety Goggles

Safety Goggles are a good way to provide eye protection to your employees. They are ideal when workers are exposed to flying particles. We supply a range of goggles, so you can find exactly the right kind of product. Browse our full range below.

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  • JSP® Filterspec

    From £22.75 To £31.50
  • Bollé® Atom™ Safety Goggles

    From £7.75 To £19.95
  • Honeywell SP1000™ Safety Goggles

    From £12.50 To £15.50
  • Honeywell DuraMaxx® Over-Goggles

    From £18.50 To £26.50
  • 3M™ Flyer™ Safety Goggles

    From £16.50 To £17.50
  • Uvex i-vo Welding Safety Goggles

    From £11.50 To £13.50

Grid List

There are all kinds of safety googles available, so if you require them it’s important to choose the ones that best meet your needs. Talk to our LiveChat representatives if you need any further help with your order.

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