Safety Glasses

Health and safety is an issue all businesses need to deal with and, for some companies, Safety Glasses will be an essential purchase. These are a good way to protect eyes against flying particles in areas such as workshops, factories and garages. We offer a great range of safety spectacles, making it easy to find the products you need for your workplace.

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  • Bollé® Hustler Safety Glasses

    From £9.50 To £41.25
  • Honeywell XC® Safety Glasses

    From £7.25 To £16.50
  • Honeywell A800 Safety Glasses

    From £4.75 To £4.99
  • 3M™ 2890 Safety Goggles

    From £8.95 To £13.95
  • 3M™ Eagle Series Safety Glasses

    From £11.25 To £12.95
  • Uvex Pheos Safety Glasses

    From £7.75 To £11.95
  • Uvex i-vo Safety Glasses

    From £14.50 To £16.50
  • 3M™ Metaliks™ Safety Goggles

    From £9.25 To £10.99
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If safety glasses are among the health and safety products you require, we can help. We know it’s important to make your decision carefully to ensure your employees are given appropriate eye protection. That’s why we stock a wide range of high-quality items, suiting a variety of needs and budgets.
Popular products include Honeywell Ignite® Safety Glasses – a wraparound, flexible model that can fit all face shapes. These have non-slip nose pads, adjustable arms and integrated ventilation to avoid the formation of fog. You can even choose from clear or I/O tinted lenses.
But you’ll also find many more choices in our selection, so why not take a closer look at what’s on offer for yourself?
Can’t find the eye protection you need? We’re here to help. Use LiveChat to speak to an adviser now, or simply send us an email or give us a ring.

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