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Cycling to work is an attractive option for many people, for reasons including staying healthy, saving money and protecting the environment. Businesses can make this more appealing to staff by ensuring they provide a secure location where cycles can be stored. This is where our Bike Shelters can come in handy.

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2100 x 2200 x 2200 x 50 mm(1)
2100 x 2450 x 1900 mm(2)
2100 x 2450 x 2500 mm(2)
2100 x 3060 x 1900 mm(2)
2100 x 3060 x 2500 mm(2)
2150 x 2110 x 2530 mm(1)
2150 x 3095 x 2530 mm(1)
2150 x 4080 x 2530 mm(1)
2250 x 3000 x 2100 mm(1)
Light Grey(1)
Powder Coated Steel Sides Polycarbonate Roof(1)
50x50x3mm Galvanised Steel Frame PET Sheet Roof/Sides(1)

Schools and colleges, public places and business premises are all locations where bike shelters could prove useful. We stock a wide range of quality products to help, including traditional, velo, contemporary, curved and Stratford cycle shelters.
These could be a worthwhile investment for a number of reasons, as cycling can improve staff health and productivity, lower your business’ environmental impact, and free up car parking spaces.
What’s more, finding a shelter that suits your needs might be easier than you expect, with options available for varying numbers of cycles (and motorcycles) at a range of prices.
If security is a top priority, the robust Stratford Secure Cycle Shelters , with lockable doors, may be the right choice. It holds up to 10 bikes, is constructed from a 50 mm square galvanised steel frame and has a roof made from 4 mm clear UV stabilised PET sheet. For a more sleek and modern design, the suits commercial premises and holds up to 5 bicycles.
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