Cone Barrier Systems

At Seton it’s easy to find the right Traffic products that will suit your company’s needs. We offer a huge range of Traffic & Car Park Management related items, many of which are also ideal for highway agencies, construction sites and warehouses. Browse our extensive range of innovative Cone Barrier Systems.

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194 x 338 x 376 mm(1)
223 x 140 x 109 mm(1)
231 mm x 3.65 m(2)
240 x 145 x 145 mm(2)
262 x 230 x 263 mm(1)
325 x 213 x 28 mm(1)
45 x 117 x 78 mm(1)
750 mm(2)
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Our protection barricades are useful for all kinds of companies, as well as highway agencies, warehouses and construction sites. They are a great way to quickly and safely cordon off potentially hazardous areas in and around your premises. And, as with all our products, we offer the perfect balance between quality and reasonable prices. But, don’t just take our word it. Why not take a look at what’s on offer online and in our catalogue? Items include Retractable Cone Bar Barrier , Tensabarrier® Tensacone Retractable Barrier , Skipper™ Rechargeable Highway Light , and Skipper™ Cord Mounted PPE Dispenser Kit . Check out our Skipper range for innovative traffic and car park solutions.
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