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Snow Ploughs

Winter can be a difficult time for businesses, particularly when weather conditions take a turn for the worse. Ice and snow can put productivity at risk, and health and issues can arise too, so it’s worth doing everything you can to reduce the risks. The right products, such as Snow Ploughs, will make a real difference.

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When bad weather strikes it’s important to make sure your workplace remains safe. Equipment like snow ploughs (or snow plows, depending on your preferred spelling) can certainly make this easier to achieve. Unlike snow shovels, snow ploughs simply need to be pushed to clear the path. And when you have other supplies, such as De-icers & White Rock Salt , Salt Spreaders and Grit & Salt Bins , bad weather could prove less of a problem than usual. Even if you don’t have a large outside area, a snow plough is worth considering. Simply clearing a driveway of snow is likely to prove useful, so it’s worth having one stored away to pull out when you need it. We offer a few different types of ploughs, to suit a variety of budgets. Our standard snow plough is ideal for pushing away snow up to 15 cm (six inches) deep. But we also have heavy duty snow ploughs and snow pushers, which can be used on areas with heavier snowfall.

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