De-icers & White Rock Salt

Winter months demand preparation to ensure the safety of staff and customers. Cold temperatures, falling snow and icy roads all increase the risk of accidents occurring. One of the most prominent hazards is the risk of slips and trips caused by ice and snow on footpaths, car park walkways and entrance steps. We have a great selection of products to choose from below to tackle such hazards.

An effective safety measure to protect your staff and the wider public is de-icing rock salt or grit. Whether you need just one bag of our 25kg white de-icing salt or a whole pallet we can help you to reduce the likelihood of accidents when the weather forecast changes. It's always worth having a good supply available as you can never foresee unexpected changes in weather and temperature conditions.

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Keeping an eye on the temperature and being prepared with the right products can save a lot of time when bad weather strikes. A great tip for when ice is forecast is to put down a thin layer of grit before the ice and snow sets in, this will mean that less salt is needed to remove the hazard afterwards.

We have a huge variety of Grit & Salt Bins to help, but even when you have grit and salt bins it’s likely you’ll need more salt than you can fill them with. That’s where our pallets of De-Icing Salt come in handy. Remember – salt doesn’t oxidise or rot, meaning you’re better off buying a large amount this year, so that even if you don’t use it all it will last until the next year and beyond.

Advantages of using de-icing salt

Effective for combating ice and snow
A readily available product
Inexpensive way to ensure safety
Easy to store, handle and spread

Why buy in bulk?

There are three main reasons why it's a good idea to buy in bulk:

1. Buying de-icing salt in bulk offers you significant savings. Especially if you already own Grit & Salt Bins as you need a large volume of salt in order to be able to fill them. That’s where our salt pallets come in handy.

2. Remember – rock salt does not oxidise or rot, therefore you’re better off buying a large amount this year, so that even if you don’t use it all it will last until the next year and beyond.

3. It's wise to get your winter supplies delivered early and store your salt in bulk so you are ready to act when it is needed. As we have seen in the past; replenishing your stock can prove to be quite an ordeal during high demand periods.

Why you need to store your salt properly?

Your stock, be it large or small, should be kept hidden from the elements. Proper storage of de-icing salt helps to guarantee that a sufficient supply will be available when the sudden onset of cold weather strikes. This will help to avoid getting the salt wet and then lumpy, and reducing the need for it to be broken up before it can be used. As clumps of salt might not spread as evenly as you would like.

Discover our 220 Litre Ultimate Grit Bin with especially designed moisture control system which will stop your salt from getting wet and keep it in its optimum condition for spreading.

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