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Save Energy Signs

Encourage staff, visitors and members of the public to save energy. The below energy conservation signs act as a reminder to people on how to save energy. Actions such as simply switching off a light, turning off electrical appliances when not in use, closing doors and windows to conserve energy and even turning down the heating a couple of degrees are all ways to save energy in the workplace.

Position your save energy signage where it can be seen with our Sign Fixings .

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Here are some little known facts from the Carbon Trust: Office lights left on overnight use enough energy in a year to heat a home for almost 5 months. A photocopier left on standby overnight wastes enough energy to make 30 cups of tea, and a computer left on overnight for a year creates enough CO2 to fill a double-decker bus. Finally, a 2oC increase in office temperature creates enough CO2 in a year to fill a hot air balloon.

If you cannot find the save energy sign that you are looking for then why not create your own. We can create custom signs to your specification; contact one of our Live Chat advisors for more information.

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