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Fire Exit Right Signs

Health and safety is an issue that cannot be ignored, and signs guiding people towards the nearest fire exit have an important role to play in this. Our range of Fire Exit Right Signs are available in a variety of sizes, materials and fixings to suit most applications, from corridors and classrooms to offices and warehouses.

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Position directional fire exit signs where they can be clearly seen to denote a change in direction and floor level to ensure that the most direct route can be easily followed to the nearest emergency exit. Fire exit signs with the diagonal right arrow should be used to indicate a change in level and direction. A fire exit sign with a right arrow should be used to show that a person needs to turn right in order to follow the shortest escape route.

If you are unsure of your fire exit sign requirements, then one of our Livechat advisers are standing by to help you.

Use the above signs with Fire Door Signs and Fire Extinguisher Signs to ensure that you comply with the latest fire sign regulations.

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