Floor Markers & Signs

It can take a lot of hard work to keep a premises running smoothly, but using the right safety signage will certainly help. At Seton we have a massive selection of office and commercial equipment available, so no matter what sector you work in, you’re sure to find something that’s useful. Our floor markers and signs are a great way to reduce the likelihood of accidents occurring, so are well worth investing in.

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  • Toughstripe™ Floor Marking Tape

    From £47.25 To £85.50
  • Aisle Marking & BarricadeTapes

    From £4.95 To £10.80
  • Luminous High-Vis Reflective Tape

    From £42.75 To £45.95
  • Anti-Slip Hazard Tapes

    From £25.75 To £400.00

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With our UK based call-centre and LivePerson webchat, we can help you find the ideal floor markers & signs for your company.

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