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We have listened to our customers' needs and requirements to develop an extensive range of new and unique products to help ensure that your workplace remains a safe and secure environment.

Providing clear navigation, instructions and messages for emergency evacuation and reducing the risk of accidents
Essential equipment including Matting, Anti-Slip Tapes, Bins, Lockers, Training Posters and DVDs
Reduce the risk of accidents with our innovative solutions including Fire Safety, COSHH & Spill Control and Electrical Safety products
From Cleaning Equipment to Winter Products to Impact Protectors; our range is sure to contain the items you need
A range of Tags for the simple tracking of high value items within your workplace that wIll also help deter pilferage and theft
Helps ensure the safe movement of pedestrians and vehicles around our site
Innovative equipment and clothing to ensure workers are kept safe and secure
Essential equipment including Steps, Ladders, Trucks, Trolleys, Shelving and Storage
New and innovative solutions for rapid assistance when workplace injuries occur
Helping you ensure that your workplace is a safe and secure environment
We have recently added over 3,000 NEW products and we are continually adding more online, everyday.

NEW Product Recommendations

Enforce speed restrictions on your site for a safer enviornemnt for both pedestrians and vehicles
To convey clear instructions and warn of hazards within your work site
Quickly alert works of on site fire emergencies
Drivers in England will soon be banned from smoking in their car if they are carrying under 18's
An alternative method to create barriers without cones, quickly cardon off hazardous areas
Ensures that eyewash can be easily accessed in an emergency
Help promote ladder safety by controlling unauthorised access
A chemical free weed killing burner

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