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Defibrillators and CPR Equipment

Getting health and safety up to scratch at your workplace can take a lot of time and effort. We’ve plenty of first aid items available to help you, including a great selection of CPR equipment such as defibrillators and resuscitation kits. Why not take a closer look for yourself?

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100 x 250 mm(2)
123 x 190 x 95 mm(1)
150 x 450 mm(2)
200 x 200 mm(2)
210 x 148 mm(9)
240 x 370 mm(1)
297 x 210 mm(9)
297 x 420 mm(1)
327 x 240 mm(2)
361 x 310 x 164 mm(1)
370 x 370 x 90 mm(1)
420 x 297 mm(3)
610 x 1220 mm(1)
630 x 504 x 186 mm(1)
680 x 400 x 150 mm(1)
680 x 440 x 150 mm(1)
85 x 95 mm(1)
95 mm(1)
Rigid Plastic(10)
Heavy-Duty Composite(1)
Recyclable Plastic(1)

When it comes to managing health and safety correctly having the right equipment is vital. If you’re not sure about the best CPR equipment for you, speak to one of our Live Chat advisers who’ll be happy to talk through the options or point you in the right direction.

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