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Safety Tags

To keep employees and visitors to your premises safe can take a lot of effort but we’re here to help. With our huge selection of health and safety equipment we’re sure to have something you need. These include a range of Safety Tags, which are a simple and effective way to ensure important information is clearly communicated.

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100 x 50 mm(1)
110 x 50 mm(5)
1200 x 300 mm(1)
146 x 86 mm(5)
150 x 50 mm(8)
150 x 76 mm(6)
160 x 75 mm(10)
1885 x 300 mm(1)
230 x 80 mm(1)
400 mm(1)
50 x 45 mm(3)
500 mm(1)
600 mm(1)
75 x 75 mm(1)
Self-Adhesive Laminated Polyester(3)
Semi-rigid plastic(2)
Yellow polypropylene tag holder(1)
Durable Polypropylene(1)
Heavy-Duty Polyester Tag Nylon Tie(1)
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