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Finding the right safety equipment isn’t always simple but at Seton we have more than 57,000 products to choose from, so we’re the obvious place to look. Among the items you’ll find are a range of reasonably priced and high quality Fire Blankets, which could help you stay on the right side of the law. So take a look at our online catalogue for yourself and see if we’ve got an item to suit you?

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A fire blanket is a safety device used to extinguish small fires in the home or workplace. Fire blankets are constructed from fire retardant materials and used to smother fires. Fire blankets are increasingly being used by safety professionals in order to extinguish fires in industrial and commercial organisations for fires that occur in office environments, laboratories, or warehouses.

Of course, as with all fire safety equipment, adequate fire training should be provided to employees in the correct use of fire blankets. Moreover, specific should be used in conjunction with fire blankets in order to indicate where the fire blanket is stored so that it can quickly be located in the event of a fire.

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