Car Park Management Guide


Here at Seton we offer a wide range of equipment to help you keep your car parks and outdoor facilities clean, tidy and safe. Here is a summary of the parking solutions on offer.

Car Park
  1. Outdoor Bins - Make the right impression by helping to keep premises clean and tidy with our range of outdoor bins
  2. Traffic Signs and Mirrors - Help prevent accidents on site and help motorists to stay safe with our range of traffic signs and mirrors
  3. Traffic Cones - Organise traffic with our range of cones
  4. Safety Barriers - Make your site safer by ensuring restricted access and dangerous areas are off limits or protected
  5. Handrail Barriers- Increase pedestrian safety with handrail barriers near roads and heights
  6. Road Marking Stencils- Keep parking, loading and access areas safe by marking them clearly
  7. Posts - Make areas off limits to vehicles
  8. Line Marking and Surface Repair- Maintain the integrity of your surfaces and clearly mark out parking bays with a range of products
  9. Provide shelters for Bicycle Storage or Smoking Control

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