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Asset Tags engineered to identify all of your assets

Durable Asset Tags

High performance
adhesive - guaranteed to
stay stuck. Abrasion and
solvent resistant, ensuring
life-time readability and
professional appearance

Ideal for; PC's, Monitors, Computer peripherals, Phones and Test Equipment


To choose and design
Duraguard® tagstags


Heavy Duty Asset Tags

High performance 3M adhesive
achieves the ultimate bond.
Etched legend and embossed
numbering ensure readability
and resistance to; Corrosion,
Extreme Temperatures,
Sunlight, Solvents and Abrasion

Ideal for; Dirty/oily environments, Machinery and Outdoor Equipment


To choose and design
SetonGuard® tagstags



Each year businesses lose millions replacing assets that have been lost or stolen... Asset tracking is essential for insurance, audit and security purposes. Whether you're a large corporation or a small business, best practice recommends that you track every piece of equipment worth over £50 as proof of inventory. This could be vital for future insurance claims and banking purposes.

Asset Tags offer the easiest and most economical solution to asset tracking - you can manage your inventory quickly and with minimal costs. Each Asset Tag is printed with a unique barcode to help prove ownership and deter theft, which could be costly to your business.

For more than 26 years, we've been creating Asset Tags and Asset Labels for customers all over the world. In fact, we've supplied over 20 million Asset Tags to more than 50,000 businesses and Government institutions. We have a dedicated 'Tag Team' so you can rest assured our experts will provide the best advice and create the perfect Asset Tags for your business.


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